VAPY Winter Time 100ml

VAPY Winter Time 100ml

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Winter Time Jelly

Try the taste of magic. Jelly Candy made with rich peach, sourish luscious tangerine and a hint of cooling frost – all to wonder winter vibes.

Winter Time Cookie

The scent of warm, crispy gingerbread, slowly spreading in your apartment, evokes the atmosphere of Christmas laziness, without using an oven. Let your taste buds get crazy!

Winter Time Coco

Sit in front of the fireplace and forget about the winter – hot and thick cocoa with a hint of vanilla will help you get rid of winter blues. A wonderful combination of bitter chocolate, milk and vanilla.

Winter Time Jam

Everyone remembers grandma’s strawberry jam – sweet, fragrant, the best…if grandma were a premix – maker, it would definitely be her no 1.

Winter Time Pink Tea 

During winter there is nothing better than aromatic and warming tea with an additional delicate taste of sweet raspberry. Perfectly warms up and sweetens. Ideal for everyday use.

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