VAPY Summer Time Sunrise 100ml

VAPY Summer Time Sunrise 100ml

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Summer Time Sunrise

Nobody expected such a blend! Refreshing summer flavours… strawberry sweetness, pleasant sourness of blackcurrant combined with super lemon freshness.

Summer Time Cool Lemon

Feel the perfect combination of natural lemon aromas tinged with a hint of cooling effect. Sour refreshment will make your taste buds explode!

Summer Time Green Splash

Enjoy endless summer with the unique blend of mild cucumber and sweet-sour grapefruit followed with nice, cooling exhale. This combination gained a worldwide recognition – don’t hesitate!

Summer Time Waves

Red grape, ripe blackcurrant and cooler. Plunge into the Ocean of Pleasure. Let the tide of taste lead You to the marvellous journey of the best Summer in Your life.



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